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ROC #198420 Demolition K-57


ROC #073760 Class A Engineering


Earthmoving, pad preparation, grading and paving; we have the experience needed to make your project a success. If you are looking at a project involving rock excavation or mountainside pad preparation JH Dykstra is the best value solution with the most experience. We also do traditional grading projects at competitive prices.

We have a long history of successful residential, commercial and industrial sitework projects that speaks for itself. A typical sitework project can include demolition, crushing, excavation, import or export of materials, grading and paving. Why hire three or for different contractors when we can do it all? We work directly for property owners, developers, utilities, prime contractors, construction managers, small business owners, homeowners, government agencies and anyone else interested in hiring a sitework contractor.

JH Dykstra again brings an impressive equipment compliment to allow us to be the best value sitework contractor. Tools like the tractor pulled Impactor 2000 allow superior compaction results in less time. We also have an assortment of screening buckets that allows us to economically control backfill material.



Pictured above: A sitework package including rock and boulder removal, excavating, grading and paving. Picture location: Cave Creek and Beardsley Road.